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It is very important to improve lifes not only for a moment but to change conditions into the better in an long-term view. That's why we decided to start with the young ones and help them to get free education.


We started with a Babyclass in the Nursery section, every year we build a house for the next class so that the children will be able to study up to different vocational trainings. Right now we have around 90 children which study up to Primary II. 

In 2019 we ars going to build a Primary school with 8 classes. Our Architect is already busy drafting the plans, which you will find here in August


When we walked through the villages to register the children, most of them where unhealthy and naked in a very bad condition.

That is why we fight to improve our school to help more and more children.

Our 90 children are getting two warm meals a day, receive medical support if needed, get clothes and school uniforms and we also treat them with love and care as a family.






As we saw the needs of the children, we where also touched by the poverty of the families in the village in the northern regions. We saw that people are working hard to feed and sustain their families. We decidet to help them improve their skills and help them to increase the quality of their work and thus their income and finances for the family.


We already gave some workshops in "first aid" and "safe construction" with an german architect.

The projects goal is to start more workshops whereby proffessionals in different working areas will pass on knowledge to the community and teach them to build up an economical business.


In the following areas, workshops will be offered and in future vocational training will take place: 

- Agrarian culture,  Building construction, Carpentry, Metal processing, 

Infrastructure development, Electrical work... and many others which time will show


We are thankful that we received so many donations to implement more workshop projects


Our partners in Germany wrote letters to donors and articles in newspapers  overt the whole 2016 and up to now to ask for donations.  

In order to ensure a safe and qualitative training and registration in the handling of the working materials, we also need protective clothing and first aid material.

 Further to the training, it is regularly for the employees to take part in the first aid courses which are offered by us to teach how to react right in dangerous situations.


In order to continue our work being free of charge, it is necessary to grow our own food. We combine this with workshops and training in the field of agrarian culture.  


We have received donations of plushies (soft toys) and lots of clothes for the poor (mainly children), these are packed in different kind of sacks and also used as load protection (stuffing material) for container loading. None of the material will be for sale, they are only gifts for orphans and the poor!

At school, subjects such as English, Math, History are taught, but we also teach music lessons and sports which require special equipment as Instruments and clothes. It is highly recommended to teach pupils in a joyful way so we also got some educational toys for them.


To prevent the kids from falling sick of typhoid or other diseases caused by unclean food and water we are very solicitous about the food and water we serve.  To secure healthy food we need to use this equipment.


We are near the Murchinson Falls National Park. Wild animals are close, so we decided to ask for a special animal defence fence and thankfully received it.


We are planing to build an orphanage home where orphans can live a life in a real family. We will soon start training house mothers to care for children with dramatic backgrounds and provide homes for them.

Our Architect and Cityplaner has alrady come up with some drafts for a "childrens village". By the grace of our God we will receive enough donations to soon start this project.


As well our Cityplaner has got some very good ideas and plans for the Community in Bweyale. Concerning disposal of feces and purification plant as well as general water treatment and health security.

Our constitution assures that we are 100% NON PROFIT

Life For All e. V. in Germany is the sponsor of Life For All - Uganda. It is a small organisation with only 7 members and also totally reliant on donations. They are receiving fixed monthly donations from a german company that cares for the programs budget.


 Non of us is gaining or planning to gain any money from our projects, they are just out of good hearts to help the Ugandan Nation through help to their children and poor Family. Totally non-profit and it will always be that way!! 


Life For All - Uganda NGO

PO BOX 186 Bweyale

Kiryandongo District


Director:            Anja Krauss       +49 174 2040774


CEO:                    Josh Mayanja   +256 705994843


Headteacher:  Musa Elamu      +256 787659667